Say No (Sometimes)

By Juliana Henderson on 2015-06-16

We love to build web sites. And most people would agree we build damn good ones. This can sometimes put us in a position where we have to say no to some offers, and although we always hate to do it, I thought I would take a minute and explain why.

Everyone and their brother-in-law has an idea that is going to be the next Facebook, but most of them don't have the money or time it takes to dedicate to a business of that size. Just because it's on the web, doesn't mean it's going to be cheap. We take our jobs very seriously, and make sure that every product we produce is of a quality we can be proud of. Just ask our past clients, they have all gotten a site that supersedes their expectations, and they couldn't be more happy. But the best part of that, it was done right.

We do have to say no to some clients. We love to help someone find quality alternatives to help them fit their budget, but we don't like to help someone cut corners. It also usually doesn't allow us to create a product for you that is up to our standards. We don't necessarily need you to have a huge budget and cut us a blank check, but we do want to be able to honestly assess the cost of the project with you and explain to you why this is the way to do it. All to many times we have a client try to take a shortcut to complete the project, and it just ends up back in our hands having to bail them out. What we hate the most, is to having to jump up down with our hands waving wildly in the air while we do the I told you so dance. It's not pretty.