Art of Customer Service

By Juliana Henderson on 2015-06-16

You've seen them before and you are probably roped into a few as you read this: long term service contracts. Whether it's the cable company or your cellular provider, we're faced with long term contracts more often than you might like to get access to the latest toys. The sales pitch includes price lock benefits or deep discounts up front on hardware. Everyone is out for a good deal right?

So why should anyone care? Long term contracts affect a dying art, customer service. Think about it, go ahead I'll wait. When was the last time you truly had a good call to customer service? These days, if and when, you get through the hoops that the automated phone system prompts you with, and it doesn't "accidently" hang up on you, you are connected to someone in a different country who's reading from a script. This is what your discount gets you. The attitude that comes with most customer service is, I don't care, and you can't do anything about it. The lack of provided service does not sway them to your pain. You certainly don't want to hold your breath if they have to have someone call you back.

How are we making a difference? At Fragment we believe in constantly earning your business versus signing you up to a long term contract. You will never find a contract attached to our recurring services. Does that mean we work harder? Absolutely, and at the end of the day our customers recognize the difference.