Building Fragment 3

By Juliana Henderson on 2015-06-16

At Fragment, doing things the same way every time is just simply unacceptable. It's easy to fall into the groove of just one system or one programming language and to just stick with what you know. The fact is, that in a years time, the latest trend in the web world could already have been replaced by something else and honestly, the stuff I was learning in college was already out of date before I even graduated. If our team didn't have a passion to pursue learning the latest web technologies and didn't live and breathe this stuff, we would still be designing sites that look like they belong in the 90?s. Hence, we update our company's site look and feel every six months to a year and each time a different developer and designer is tasked with the assignment to create the new look of our company's website.

With this version, I was fortunate enough to build out the site from PSD to full fledged site. The site was built with the latest version of CakePHP and it is completely custom from database to site functionality. Each team member at Fragment has their own login to the site where they can write blogs, edit their own personal information and even add clients to our portfolio as we complete projects. Keeping up with the latest trends, we crafted the front end with CSS3, jQuery and embedded web fonts. In the short future we plan to tweak the design to be responsive enough to adjust how it should look based on the viewer's screen size.

The real joy with building a site like this is that it represents all of us. In total democratic fashion we all had a say in what was said on the site, which projects to showcase and so forth. If someone didn't agree with something on the site we would go back to the drawing board and fine tune things. George Washington would be proud. We hope you enjoy the new look. Let us know what you think!