PHP Developer

By Brian Henderson on 2016-01-04

Fragment is currently looking for our next Backend/Front-End PHP Developer.

At Fragment, we are a small team dedicated to creating great web applications for our growing client list. We're looking for someone with the background to jump right in, and the desire to continually learn and stay on top of the ever changing trends on the web.

The position is on site at our office in Raleigh NC. We do not outsource or use contractors, so if thats you, please do not apply.

We offer some pretty great benefits: Paid health insurance Matched retirement savings Paid vacation An open work environment, its a pretty sweet office. Flex time A great team Ping pong

Here's what we're looking for, you should have most of the backend -or- frontend skills but the more the merrier:



  • experience with REST and CRUD
  • experience with version control software (Git, SVN, or Mercurial)
  • understands the benefits of unit tests and test driven development
  • understands the difference between global and local scope
  • understands abstraction and how it relates to programming


  • an intermediate understanding of Object Oriented PHP (visibility, classes, inheritance)
  • experience with at least one modern MVC framework is a must have.
  • experience with Laravel or CakePHP is a plus!
  • experience with Composer and PSR-4 autoloading
  • experience with PHPUnit or similar testing framework



  • understands Javascript's inheritance and the prototype chain
  • understands how javascript scope works
  • understands anonymous functions, closures, and IIFEs
  • experience with Nodejs (nice to have)
  • experience with build tools like Gulp or Grunt is a plus!
  • understands CommonJS/AMD modules through tools like Browserify or RequireJS
  • experience with Express, Backbone, or Angular is a plus!


  • experience with a responsive framework such as Bootstrap or Foundation is a plus!
  • understands position, display, floats, padding/margins, etc
  • experience with a preprocessor such as SASS or LESS (nice to have)

If you're a match, we would love to meet you. Please send your resume along with an informative cover letter to us at Please make the subject "I really want to be the next developer at Fragment"